Our Testbeds

screenshot RIA Store

A very simple AJAX-based web application used as a training target for new ideas

screenshot AltoroMutual

AJAXified version of IBM's mock banking website. Hyperlinks are substituted with AJAX calls

original (non-AJAX) website: http://testfire.net/
(replicated on: 2011/3)

screenshot Periodic Table

original website: http://code.jalenack.com/periodic/
(replicated on: 2011/3)

screenshot ClipMarks ( 3 items - 5 items - 10 items - 15 items - 40 items )

Example of a content sharing website. Various instances of the website with different numbers of list items are available for scalability testing.

original website: http://www.clipmarks.com/
(replicated on: 2011/3)

screenshot iNettuts

A widget-based website

original website: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/inettuts/
(retreived on: 2012/2)

screenshot Photo Stack

A jQuery based photo gallery app to test jQuery browsing functionality

original website: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2010/06/27/beautiful-photo-stack-gallery-with-jquery-and-css3/
(retreived on: 2012/2)

screenshot Flickr Browsr

An HTML5 app for browsing photos

original website: http://www.gabereiser.com/flickr/index.html
(retreived on: 2013/11)

screenshot elFinder

Web-based file manager

original website: http://elfinder.org/
(using version: 2.0-rc1)

screenshot Lucid Desktop

an open-source web desktop mimicing Ubuntu. This web app will be used to test the ability of our strategies for crawling immense and compicated websites

source destribution: http://www.lucid-desktop.org/
(using version: 1.0.0.rc2)

  • use 'admin' as username

screenshot Kryn.cms

A fully AJAX-Based CMS

source destribution: http://www.kryn.org
(not deployed yet)

  • use 'admin' as username

screenshot MODX

Another mostly AJAX-Based CMS

source destribution: http://www.modx.com
(using version: 2.2.4-pl)

  • use 'alireza' as username, 'guimodx' as password

screenshot LifeRay

An open-source AJAX-based portal

source destribution: http://www.liferay.com
(not deployed yet)