Master Thesis: Implementation of Semantic Desktop Tool

New technologies coming from different fields of research may converge for implementing new and more sophisticated office automation systems. One of these technologies allows modern operating system to store in the file system. Meta information regarding content of various types of documents such as instant messages, media files, contacts and office documents. However, the organization of this Meta Information in a knowledge base, that could lead users to perform intelligent query, is a new challenge for ontology engineers. With increasing storage capacities in personal computer, searching the world wide web has become more efficient than searching oneís own personal computer. In the thesis we address the problem of retrieving cross data that comes from different documents within the file system using an ontology which was built through a bottom up process. Furthermore, we specify a design methodology that could help ontology engineer to create ontology exploiting database design methodology. Starting from the data - meta information about documents - retrieved using spotlight APIs, we build a first simple knowledge base constituted by a database in fourth normal form. We develop methodology to devise a conceptual schema from the constraints specified over the raw data. We will use well defined algorithm to fill database and the assertion space which is the A-Box of the ontology. Moreover, an automatic Description Logic Reasoner provides inference about the concepts represented in the ontology with the purpose of helping users to build a query which retrieves cross data coming from different documents. In conclusion our work presents a bottom up approach for the creation of ontology about documentís meta information. With the purpose of putting the basis for developing a new office automation tool that uses Description Logic reasoning algorithm. The approach has been used as reference for setting up a design methodology.

Master Project: Extending Basic Spotlight Technology by using APIs

Spotlight is an advanced search technology based on meta data information and is integrated with the file system. We have extended the basic spotlight technology by using the APIs. The reason of extending the basic technology was to enable the system to make intelligent query on the base of meta data expression rather than natural language expression. We have developed a small application which is implemented in Objective C that provides a mechanism to query the file system by using meta data information (report).

Bachelor Thesis: Hospital Management System

By using this system, a patient can get an online appointment, hostipal staff can perform check-in check-out. The system also schedule the duty time for the doctors and as well keep the permanant database of all patients with their all records.

Bachelor course project: Disease diagnosing system

A intelligent system which diagnose the disease and also prescribe the appropriate medicine for the patient.

Bachelor course project: Online Video Shop

A system which provide the functionality of online shopping and also assist the customer for the selection of video. The system takes care of the customer interest.

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